Joovv Is Changing the Game of Light Therapy


Say good-bye to your old physical therapy routine because Joovv is changing the game.

You now have access to professional level light therapy treatments at home thanks to Joovv’s unique product line. Joovv is a company that manufactures red light therapy devices that offer a drug, chemical, and invasive free option to skin care used by world-class athletes and trainers.

Joovv helps consumers reach health and fitness goals by using “medical-grade LEDs to deliver concentrated wavelengths of natural light to the skin and cells without dangerous UV Rays or excess heat”. The benefits of Red Light Therapy include skin health, fat loss, muscle recovery, joint pain relief, thyroid function and so much more. They offer different ranges of treatment that can be customized to your needs. Their “Targeted Treatment” option offers options that will allow you to target specific treatment areas whereas their “Full Body Treatment” options are for more preventative measures on the entire body.


Don’t have much time to dedicate to an extensive treatment procedure? With the Joovv devices, all you need is 10-15 minutes of the light therapy and you’ll be on your way. They’ve recently released the “Joovv Go” ¬†which is a wireless, handheld version of the traditional Joovv devices. Beginning at $295, the “Joovv Go” makes it easy to carry out your red-light therapy routine anywhere.

Joovv doesn’t stop there when it comes to convenience. Their website is extremely user-friendly and includes tons of helpful videos and articles explaining in detail how to use their products and exactly how they work. Check out more of their products here.