Dove Cameron Shows Her Bare Face


The twenty-three-year-old Emmy Award-winning actress, singer, and voice actor just bared her natural self on Instagram—no makeup—and she is beautiful inside and out.

Maybe it’s that Dove’s happiness and confidence is inspiring because there’s something about this post that makes a person want to smile.

It’s not a person’s outward appearance that makes them beautiful—it’s their soul, spirit, healing potential…the ability to accept themselves for who they truly are and be content. Beauty is a feeling.

Here is Dove looking beautiful and confident as ever at The Light In The Piazza rehearsals.

Dove is getting ready to perform one of her dream roles, Clara. The musical has been one of her favorites since she was a child. The Light In The Piazza opens in a month at the Southbank Centre in London. Dove accomplishing her dreams and being confident on Instagram is exactly the inspiration we need for this week.