Feminist Success Stories Aren’t Just for Humans: Meet Shelby, the Superstar Rescue Dog

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A Dogs Way Home not only inspired a quick lookup of Shelby on social media; it actually realized the toil of a real, marginalized being and that individual’s potential to better her life.

The movie stars a rescue dog, named Shelby in real life, who plays a dog named Bella. Shelby was rescued as a stray, malnourished puppy who was rummaging through a garbage dump. It turns out that she not only had the inner demeanor and intelligence to become a service animal—she had superstar qualities as well.


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Per Cathryn Michon one of the screenwriters of my movie: I’M JUST A LITTLE BIT WORRIED: About Shelby MovieStar. She’s the star of A Dog’s Way Home, the #1 Family Movie this weekend, she’s the star of the #2 Highest Audience Rated Movie in general release, behind “Spider-Verse.” She’s got an A- CinemaScore. She’s pretty sure she’s going to Harvard now. Honestly, it’s gone a little to her head. As you can see. No matter, we will not allow this to become a Lindsey Lohan type of situation…🤩😝🤩#adogswayhome #adogswayhomemovie #rescuedog #therapydog #dogsofinstagram #dailybarker #onthebigscreen #dogmovie #moviedog #fromragstoriches #ShelbyMovieStar

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The character Shelby plays also has an inspiring story. She gets separated from her family, 400 miles from home, and has an Odyssey-like journey through the Rocky Mountains. She ends up befriending an orphaned mountain lion cub, supporting a dying homeless man in his last breaths, and saving a hiker from an avalanche. Behind the scenes clips on the DVD show just how much training and time went into prepping Shelby for the part.


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Bella makes her way home today! 🏠 #ADogsWayHomeMovie is now available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital.

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The movie was based on the book A Dog’s Journey, by W. Bruce Cameron, and which was featured on the New York Times Bestseller list for nineteen weeks. Supporting actors include humans like Ashley Judd. It’s definitely a heartwarming movie that you should watch.