Official Trailer Released for Feel-Good Show ‘Not Just Me’

Photo: Fox

Brittany Snow stars in the new upcoming show Not Just Me.

Not Just Me looks to be an emotional heart-felt journey with a poignant message. Brittany Snow plays a loyal daughter who looks up to her father, only to discover he has been lying about his work in his fertility clinic and impregnating other women. With this act of betrayal also comes the discovery of new sisters. While some characters display hurt and anger at these new family ties, others reveal a long-hidden desire for a sibling. The emotional hits of the trailer are lightened with moments of humor, notably from Emily Osment, who plays one of the new sisters.

Not Just Me emphasizes the importance of family and love, no matter where you come from. Its passionate familial message is reminiscent of recently popular shows such as This Is Us and Parenthood.  The Not Just Me trailer is moving and sentimental, and has great potential to be the kind of touching story that stays with you. With such intense and somber shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead on the rise, sometimes it can be nice to just relax and indulge in series focusing on the good things in life like love and family.

Photo: Fox

Not Just Me is a welcome break from the doom and gloom, and a simple show to fill your heart.