New Trailer for Ali Wong’s Romcom Reveals Surprise Actor

Photo: Netflix

Ali Wong’s latest movie, Always Be My Maybe, includes an unexpected cameo from a surprising actor.

Always Be My Maybe looks to be the next charming romcom that will melt even the hardest of hearts. Ali Wong is appropriately (or should we say inappropriately) hilarious as the leading lady in this romantic comedy about a famous chef moving back to her roots, and running into the old flame she left behind. Randall Park plays her adorably nerdy childhood best friend who is still in love with her, but too shy to show it. Always Be My Maybe has all the hallmarks of the ideal lovable romantic comedy:

Best friends since childhood? Check.

Romantic mutual pining? Check.

Charming quirky characters? Check.

Keanu Reeves? Check!

Wait, what.

Keenu Reeves is the perfect addition to this already priceless movie. Fresh from badass action film, John Wick, Keanu pulls out the moves and shows off a sizzling amount of chemistry with Ali Wong’s character. Bring out the popcorn and dust off your snuggies, Always Be My Maybe just made it to the top of our queue.