Nancy Drew: Girl Detective or Ghost Story?

Photo: The CW

The CW just dropped its first trailer for the their Nancy Drew series, and it will bring shivers to your spine.

Nancy Drew is known from the popular book series about the young girl detective solving crimes that no one else can, especially those pesky adults. Following the success of Riverdale, The CW is adding a new twist on another beloved series. The classic books are grounded in logic and hard evidence, but the TV series teases a very different tone for their youthful sleuth.

The trailer starts off with the ghost story of Dead Lucy, an ill-fated prom queen who wore her crown for only one night. They don’t specify what befell poor Lucy, but the grave stone (and the nickname) is pretty telling. Dead Lucy is said to haunt the town ever since that grim night. Nancy claims not to believe in ghosts, but the evidence in the trailer begins piling up, leading to that terrifying ending shot. Nancy Drew looks to be frightening but exciting, with Nancy as sassy as ever, talking back to the cops and doing their job for them. Not to mention, the dead ghost queen is not the only thing The CW added. Ned’s new criminal history turns the bland book boyfriend into someone a little more provocative and bad boy.


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Small town, big mystery. #NancyDrew is coming soon to The CW!

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There are not enough clues yet to solve whether the eerie murders are specter related or committed by living flesh and blood, but it is case closed that Nancy Drew is one mystery you won’t want to miss.