‘Game of Thrones’ Oona Chaplin Is Rumored to Be Part of ‘Avatar’ Sequels 3, 4, and 5


If the name Chaplin sounds familiar to you, that may be because the world-renowned silent cinema great, Charles “Charlie” Chaplin, has a granddaughter.

You may have already seen Oona on Game of Thrones as Talisa Maegyr—the character who was temporarily engaged to Robb Stark. But Oona has also been on quite a few other reputable productions, including James Bond: Quantum of Solace, and British drama series such as BBC Sherlock, BBC The Hour, and Spooks.

James Cameron’s Avatar initially came out a decade ago, in 2009, so the sequels have been long awaited. Oona will be playing Varanga. Avatar 2 is set to release in December 2021 and Avatar 3 is on schedule to release in December 2023. Oona has said that she is “very much sworn to secrecy” regarding any details about the upcoming sequels, but knowing James Cameron, they have to be good.

Until then, you should know that the multitalented, part-Cuban beauty spends her free time doing some amazing things.

Here she is promoting indigenous people at the World Prayer for Peace last year (and then she starts playing the ukulele like a pro):

She also speaks on behalf of refugee projects

You can follow Oona on her Instagram, @oonacc