Every College Student Needs Zooey Deschanel’s Self-Contained ‘Farmstand’ Garden


May 19th is World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day, and thanks to Zooey Deschanel and her husband Jacob Pechenik, this is now a growing possibility for everyone, regardless of having land or a garden plot.

Zooey Deschanel’s Farmstand is a stackable, self-watering, self-fertilizing garden system that barely takes up any space and will grow over 75 varieties of fruits and vegetables. It’s made from recycled ocean plastic, too. Deschanel’s startup, Lettuce Grow, created Farmstand to empower people to grow 20% of their food at home. Do you ever wish you could eat healthier or learn how to garden but just feel like there is never enough time…or like produce is too expensive? The Farmstand has got you covered.

The Farmstand is hydroponic, so it doesn’t use any soil—and uses 95% less water than a regular garden. It is stackable, too—so you can choose how high you want your garden to be.

Deschanel’s company will send you regular shipments of seedlings, too! From the Lettuce Grow website, “Just plug yours in, and let’s get growing!” So while you are busy with schoolwork or your day job, you can feel at ease knowing that your garden is taking care of itself. How cool is that?