‘Batwoman’ Is Coming to Set Your Priorities Straight

Photo: JSquared Photography/The CW

The new Batwoman series on The CW has finally released its first trailer, and there’s good and bad news.

The good news: it looks epic. The bad news: we all have to wait until this fall to watch the show.


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Batwoman features Ruby Rose, an LGBTQ actor who was formerly on Orange is the New Black, as Kate Kane—the new dark knight vigilante.

Photo: Elizabeth Morris/The CW

Kate is the daughter of the Crows Private Security, the militia-like security organization tasked with keeping the city of Gotham and its inhabitants safe since Batman’s unexplained disappearance three years earlier.

Photo: Kimberley French/The CW

When a gang threatens Kate’s father and the Crows and a friend goes missing, she heads over to Wayne Enterprises. There, she finds her path and destiny…but not before she gets Batman’s suit tailored appropriately.

Kate Kane: “I need you to fix his suit.”

Luke Fox: “The suit is literal perfection.”

Kate Kane: “It will be. When it fits a woman.”

Priorities, priorities…and Kate’s (Ruby’s) line is priceless and seems to be setting the tone for the new show.

Check out the full trailer here: