First Trailer Released of Zendaya’s New TV Show ‘Euphoria’


The first trailer of Zendaya’s newest project, Euphoria, has been released.

Hot off the excitement of Spiderman: far from home, Zendaya is starring in HBO’s show Euphoria. The trailer is a roller-coaster trip of ups and down as troubled youth, Zendaya, falls into a drug addiction. The highs of partying and meeting new loves are intermingled with the lows of tragedy and the fight with drug dependence. Zendaya is striking throughout the trailer, bare faced and raw, or masked with a sparkling glam style make up accessorized with tears. Euphoria promises to be her most emotionally powerful role yet.

Drake produces this new show Euphoria, premiering on HBO on June 16th. Zendaya began her acting career with a  wholesome part on Disney Channel, and moved on to Marvel’s Spiderman series. With Euphoria, Zendaya is moving onto to more mature adult roles. There seems to be very little in the show that will be family friendly. As many Disney stars before her, Zendaya is trying to leave her squeaky-clean image behind and prove she can handle more risqué roles. Euphoria looks to be rough, raw, and emotional. It’s the perfect vehicle to show off Zendaya’s skillful prowess and affirm that she is a strong actress to be taken seriously.


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This will be one show you don’t want to miss, both for Zendaya’s radiant presence, and the poignant message and colorful filmmaking of Euphoria.