‘Arthur’ Featured a Gay Marriage and People Loved It


Kids TV show Arthur showed two men getting married and the internet loved it.

Arthur is a show about an aardvark with glasses named Arthur and his friends. It centers on their experiences throughout their primary school days. This beloved show has had over 200 half hour episodes since 1996, and this week it aired an episode where Arthur goes to a gay marriage.

The internet loved it and took to Twitter to comment about Mr. Ratburn’s marriage.

The episode is called “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone.” Mr. Ratburn was the well-known bachelor in town. It seemed like he would never find someone else to settle down with, so when Arthur and his friends find out that Mr. Ratburn is engaged they begin to try and solve the mystery of who is Mr. Ratburn’s secret partner.

They first assumed his fiancée was a woman that hung near Mr. Ratburn, but she ends up just being Mr. Ratburn’s sister. In the end they figure out at the wedding his fiancée is actually a fiancé– a friendly young man. The kids are happy for Mr. Ratburn and that’s the end of the episode.

This Arthur episode will definitely be one of the most memorable episodes for a long time.