Ty Dolla $Ign Got His Nails Done: See the Photos


Ty Dolla $ign showed off his new mani-pedi on Instagram and fans had a lot to say.

Many may know Ty Dolla $ign by his catchy rap songs, his long blonde dreads or the giant “DOLLA SIGN” tattooed across his neck, but yesterday the rapper caused a social media frenzy over a picture he uploaded of his painted toes and fingers.

The rapper posted ten photos on Instagram yesterday, and no one expected the second photo to be a picture of his orange toes peeking out of his pants. His nicely painted toes were proudly displayed for all the world to see. The other few photos posted were more pictures of his style for the day, including a picture his fingernails getting painted too.

Ty Dolla $ign was obviously pleased with his new orange swag. He posted the caption, “Her: your nails look better than mine Me: *laughing emoji*”

Although the rapper felt confident with his new nails, not everyone had the same enthusiasm. One Twitter user told the rapper his actions were not “hip-hop”.

DJ NEw York on Twitter

Black culture has been turned out This is not #hiphop nor #blackculture either #TyDollaSign #liluzi

Another Twitter user just hated seeing his feet in general.


Not all the comments were negative though. One Twitter user wished they had feet like his.

king slime drizzy on Twitter

Damn. @tydollasign got better feet than me. Smh I should be ashamed

No matter good or bad, the comments haven’t gotten to Ty Dolla $ign. He is unapologetic about his own fashion decisions in every way. The painted nails are here to stay.