Listen to Esperanza Spalding’s ‘Lest We Forget’

Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC

In a four-song addition to her album 12 Little Spells, Esperanza added the song “Lest We Forget”.

12 Little Spells is a beautiful album with an interesting premise. Every song on the album is inspired by a different part of the body. It may sound a little odd at first, but it really made for a thoughtful and dreamy album. In the original album, she released twelve songs, but she recently released an additional four songs inspired by blood, hair, joints, and shoulders.

In a few words about her newest song, “Lest We Forget,”, which is inspired by blood, Spalding says  “sensation of gentle propulsion through one’s own inner/outer space, guided and tethered by infinite love For trusting that the flow of the personal circulation system is constant in providing the body (individual, family, community, partnership, profession, field, culture, nation, species, planet, etc.) with oxygenation, mineral and nutrient nourishment, and anatomy-based mechanisms for functional healing.” This is an incredibly thoughtful and beautiful way to consider your relationship with your body.

Make sure you listen to all of 12 Little Spells and give your support to Esperanza Spalding. You can watch the stunning video for “Lest We Forget” below.