Halsey Releases Cover Art for Newest Single

Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Halsey just posted on both her Twitter and Instagram her newest and terrifying cover-art as well as the release date for her upcoming single “Nightmare”.

Her single will drop May 17, so only a few days to wait! The new art showcases the singer with a distorted smile using her fingers to stretch out the edges of her grin, accompanied with the text “c’mon little lady, give us a smile?” The harsh orange and yellow coloring turns the photo surreal and grotesque, well suited to the title of “Nightmare.” The cover art text reads “I’ve Tasted Blood & It’s Sweet” making the image all the more fearsome.


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‪“c’mon little lady,‬ ‪give us a smile?”‬ ‪ – NIGHTMARE. May 17th‬

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Halsey has been teasing her fans about her newest single since the announcement on Thursday. She tweeted Friday that the lyrics to “Nightmare” have been hidden throughout different cities including Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New York City, and the Bay Area as an interactive scavenger hunt. Selfies of smiling fans in front of plastered walls of song lyrics have been liked and retweeted by Halsey’s twitter account, confirming the song lyrics as found. New York was discovered first at lightning speed, followed by Dallas, San Francisco, and more. The discovery of all the song lyrics was rewarded with the art for “Nightmare.” All this growing excitement is leading to what is sure to be Halsey’s best single yet. If nothing else, the cover art promises the music will bring a smile to your face.