Drake Shows off His New Whip


Drake revealed his new way to get around town is in a massive cargo plane.

This Friday on Instagram the Toronto rapper showed off his Boeing 767 cargo plane. The new ride is decked out with his company’s and record label’s logo OVO, October’s Very Own, a giant owl symbol that covers most of the plane’s side. The famous prayer hands from his album 6 God are painted on the tail of the plane like it’s watching over the great giant.


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Written in big black letters the words “Air Drake” is stretched across the aircraft engine. Drake seems awestruck by his enormous winged ride, saying “Yeah, I don’t know. I’m getting emotional.” Inside the plane, a sophisticated scene of beige leather couches, a flat screen TV, and a chic bar surrounds the amazed rapper. It seems no expense was spared for Drake’s flying paradise in the sky. The “God’s Plan” rapper is proud of his huge investment. In the video, he tells the camera, “No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners.” He is the single owner of “Air Drake”. A ride that according to a 2017 Airways article, is an estimated $185 million out-of-pocket purchase—that’s before his own personal touches were added to the plane.

So if you see about a 200 feet long plane soaring above with an owl on the side, wave hi to Drake.