Did Ryan Reynolds Leak ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’?


Full-time actor and part-time troll, Ryan Reynolds posted the entire Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie online. Or did he?  While the entire world knows Reynolds loves to tease his fans, he retweeted a post from an Inspector Pikachu account linking the entire Pokemon: Detective Pikachu film. The best part about the “film” is that it actually two-hour video of Pikachu dancing. The video never loops, it simply keeps going. While this is an obvious plant by Reynolds to help promote the film, fans can’t help but admire Pikachu dancing skills.

It also inspired a Twitter account dedicated to Pikachu dancing to any and everything. People have requested everything from Lizzo’s “Juice” to John Cena’s “My Time Is Now.”

Check out the “leaked” film for yourself.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu hits theaters worldwide May 10th.