Jennifer Lawrence Really Is the Mockingjay


For those of you who love The Hunger Games, there is some good news: you can kind of live it out again, in real life.

In The Hunger Games movies, Jennifer Lawrence appeared onscreen as Katniss Everdeen to inspire you to take action against a corrupt system. Now, she’s doing it as herself. Earlier this year, RepresentUS, released a short film titled Unbreakable America, in which Lawrence strives to inspire you to fight and fix our government.

Forget “labels,” we’ve got bigger fish to fry. Lawrence, a Board Member and spokesperson for Represent US, delivers a passionate, eloquent, and logical argument for why everyone needs to band together and reclaim justice and equality together. She points out statistics and some basic flaws that are preventing our system from working—and some very good ideas for fixing them. The fundamental point being made is that we have the power to make changes as individuals, within individual states, and that is how federal reform can happen.

She actually is quite good at this.

Want to get active? Learn how to get involved on the RepresentUs website and watch the full short film below.