YouTuber Tyler Oakley Goes Behind-The-Scenes for Detective Pikachu


YouTuber Tyler Oakley spends the day in London as an extra for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu and shared with fans behind-the-scenes footage.

The vlog started with him stopping by Charizard stunts, Pangoro, and Blastoise stunt, before reaching his trailer. He shared a glimpse of the makeup room filled with pokemon images then headed towards the wardrobe room. He also took a moment to talk with Costume Designer Suzie Harman for a quick question about the movie style.

“It’s kind of punk, goth, London-street, R&B, Tokyo and a mad fashion. It’s anything basically,” said Harman.

Harman and Oakley went through the wardrobe picking out unique pieces that were full of texture and vibrant. Oakley ultimately decided on a blue latex vest with a black mesh tank and army pants. On top of choosing his unique outfit, he also got to see concept art for the film, the stunt actors dressed as the pokemon themselves, and meet some of the main actors. The vlog also shows fans the “underground illegal battle” that we have seen from the trailers.

Check out the full video below.

Make sure to catch the premiere of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu in theaters May 10th.