Ashley Tisdale’s New Album ‘Symptoms’ Has Been Released


Ashley Tisdale’s new album, Symptoms, was released on May 3.It has been an entire decade since Tisdale released her last full-length record, Guilty Pleasure, which debuted at No. 12 on the Bilboard 200. Symptoms is the singer’s third studio album. Ashley gave fans a taste of the album by releasing the single, “Voices in My Head,” in November and “Love Me & Let Me Go” in January.

She told Forbes: “This experience has been a lot of fun and I’ve really gotten to know myself as an artist. It was also very healing for me. This album is a piece of me, verses when I was younger, I didn’t know who I was as an artist. I went into the studio and on the first day we wrote ‘Symptoms’ and it was very organic for me. For me to do another record, it had to be important. I feel like for the first time, my fans are going to get to know me for everything. I could be honest with my fans about my experiences.”

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