Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie Opened at the BBMAs



Performing the hit song, “ME!,” Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie opened up the Billboard Music Awards with a bang!

Taylor and Brendon’s performance was full of all the rainbows, glitter and fireworks you could possibly imagine! It was truly the perfect way to celebrate an incredible year of music and to start out the Billboard Music Awards. Fans loved it and you could tell the artists were having the time of their lives.

Since the release of the lead single off of her yet-to-be-named seventh album just six days ago, the music video to “ME!” has already racked up more than 120 Million hits of youtube and hit the Spotify Hot 50. You can say this song was an instant hit. After only six days of being out it was the opening number for the BBMAs! How cool is that? The performance was very reminiscent of the music video. Taylor and Brendon were accompanied by a mod of back of dancers in rainbow suits, acrobats danced from umbrellas on the ceiling and there was enough glitter raining down to satisfy anyone’s need for joy!

We hope both musicians are proud after this landmark performance. It was an awesome way to start out an awesome night celebrating music. Make sure you check out “ME!”