Tana Mongeau Announces MTV Reality Show


YouTuber Tana Mongeau posted an update announcing her new MTV Reality Show, No Filter: Tana Turns 21.

Known for her storytimes and occasional controversies, the young creator is getting her own reality tv show on MTV. The series follows Mongeau and her crazy crew as they show her life, work, friends, music career and more.  In November of 2017, she released her most popular music video, “Hefner” which featured Bella Thorne as her love interest. The video had a little more than 14 million views as it highlighted the YouTuber sense of humor as she joked at herself with lyrics, “I can count higher than 21.”

Other videos that some may say make her relatable are her storytime videos. They range from, “Hairdresser from Hell?” which went viral to “Why I Won’t Be Attending Vidcon 2018,” addressing her problems with the online video and digital conference. Some of her recent storytimes are “the truth about my relationships, breakups, and sexuality,” in which she told her viewers how she met Thorne and the picture that brought the two together. Her most recent storytime video is “I’ve been hiding this secret from you for nine months,” where she shares her news about No Filter: Tana Turns 21.

“What I do with my life seems so far away and fun, and blunts and oh tana is out with her 19 friends and Gucci princess oh my god; but, at one point I was this girl with nothing but a dream,” said Mongeau “Just because I’m announcing this doesn’t mean you can’t do this too.”

She also addressed any rumors about TanaCon2 after the first convention failed. Mongeau says many businesses men did come to her interested in creating another convention but that she wasn’t ready and until then is focused on other things.

Though  MTV hasn’t confirmed when the reality show will air, Mongeau, mention the show would air towards the end of May.

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