Sabrina Carpenter Helps Us ‘Exhale’ with Her New Song

Photo: Kelianne

Sabrina’s newest song embodies how overwhelmed we feel on a daily. 



Singer/actress Sabrina Carpenter has given us so many jams that are now always on repeat, from “Thumbs” to “Sue Me”. All of her songs always represent our feelings, especially those of fierceness. Now, she’s giving us a song all about feeling overwhelmed and needing to just “Exhale”, which also happens to be the title of the song. The song is all about the stress of having to carry so much on our backs and having to listen to everyone around us, so much so that sometimes all we want is a chance to exhale and catch our breath. In regards to the song, Sabrina stated that all she “can hope is that it reminds u to take a second and that u don’t have to figure it all out in that second”.

Her song is very much needed as our world today has us rushing all the time and we know how exhausting it can be. It is also a reminder that self-care is necessary, both physically and mentally. The song is part of her upcoming album, “Act 2”, from which she has also released “Pushin’ 20”. If her album is anything like these two songs, we already know we’ll be obsessed. In the meantime, we’ll be listening to “Exhale” all week long as we remind ourselves to take time to breathe. You, too,  can listen on all streaming sites now.