Have You Heard Taron Egerton’s Rendition of ‘Rocketman’?


We can’t stop listening. 

Taron Egerton is known best for his role in the Kingsman movies. However, this year the British actor is taking on the role of the iconic Elton John. With a movie about a musical legend comes, of course, a soundtrack. While the full soundtrack is not being released yet, we did get a lovely surprise as Taron Egerton’s rendition of “Rocketman” just dropped. We were absolutely speechless when we heard the song for the first time. Taron’s vocals are completely out of this world (pun intended).

We love that Taron is singing on the soundtrack because now we are blessed with his voice. In his Instagram post, the actor stated he was “mega proud” about the track and we can definitely see why. We already have the track on repeat and can’t wait for the full soundtrack to be released. From this single track, we can tell that Taron is absolutely the perfect person to portray Sir Elton John and it only makes us want to see the film even more.

You can now pre-order the full soundtrack as well as stream the song on Spotify or Apple Music. The film itself is set to premiere May 31st.