Ciara Shows Us How Proud She is of Her Natural Hair


Ciara showed us her natural hair and it is definitely hair goals.On Saturday, the singer posted a photo of herself rocking waist-long pigtails captioned, “Fun day at work!”


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Fun day at work! #PigTails #BeautyMarks

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Not too long after, Ciara shared a video of herself after taking the pigtails out and gave many suffering from hair damage. The 33-year-old singer captioned the video, “The first time I got a relaxer when I was young, it took out my hair. I was devastated. I never thought my hair would grow back. So proud.” In the video she says, “Alright you guys, I just took my hair down from my pigtails and I’m so proud because my hair is growing,” she said in her video post. “Yay! I’ll tell you guys the secrets later!”

Ciara posted this video just days after sharing a photo of herself embracing her natural beauty without makeup or extensions.

Remember, every woman is beautiful whether you choose to wear your natural hair or extensions, makeup or bare face.