Check Out Anne Hathaway’s Perfect Summer Cut


Anne Hathaway is bringing the 80s to 2019 and we’re not mad about it.

Honestly, Anne Hathaway can do no wrong; she’s a timeless beauty and nails every look she tries out. The actress recently got a short, shag haircut just in time for summer. Adir Abergel, Hathaway’s longtime hairstylist, posted two photos of the actress’s new look. Abergel captioned the first photo, a black and white close up of Hathaway, “New cut. New vibes,” before promoting the actress’s upcoming movie, The Hustle.


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New cut. New vibes. @annehathaway promoting her new film @hustlemovie. Go see it! #hairbyadir #annehathaway

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Let’s be real, if someone had told me they were getting a shag cut in 2019 I would’ve looked at them like they had two heads. But Anne has shown us that it pays off to take risks and try new things.