Bastille Releases New Track for Upcoming Album


In their new song, “Joy,” Bastille talks about the relief of a wake-up call from the terrors of the world. Bastille’s forthcoming album, which will be their third LP, Doom Days, is a narrative album that takes the listener through a long night searching for an escape from the apocalyptic surrounding world. It is a very interesting way to frame an album, but the storytelling style is sure to create an immersive experience for any listener.

The latest track that they’ve released, “Joy,” will be the ending to the entire album. It is a breath of fresh air in a world of negativity. Overall, it is a reprieve after an album of escapism and potentially a lot of darkness. The story to be told seems so exciting and we can’t wait to listen to the whole thing.

Doom Days will be released on June 14th. They have an entire track list out now, and it will definitely pique your curiosity for the entire story of the album. Bastille will also be going on a North American tour to promote the album, so make sure you get your tickets soon.