Camila Mendes Is Teen Vogue May Cover Star

Teen Vogue

Camila Mendes sat down with Teen Vogue to talk about her upcoming roles and managing herself one day at a time.  The Riverdale star is constantly working non-stop between filming schedules and her upcoming film projects. However, she took some time to meet with Teen Vogue writer, Alanna Bennett for some afternoon paint-your-own-pottering at Color Me Mine to open up about taking everything in one day at a time as their new May cover story. The story features spotlight questions on Mendes fame, learning to let go of social media comments, having confidence and her work ethic.

“I’m not a private person. I don’t like hiding,” said Mendes. “But the more I get used to this lifestyle the more I reevaluate what I want to share and what I don’t.”

Wai Lin Tse/Teen Vogue, Windowsen / SenSen Lii gown.

As the actress spotlight shines brighter every day, so does the pressure. She often finds herself carrying a certain kind of confidence when it comes to auditions and social media. In her Teen Vogue interview, she says that masking her confidence is part of her personality in auditions, even just walking in and putting on a little bit of a doe-eyed face is part of her not wanting to be seen as one thing. She’s constantly wanting to be able to blend into different groups of people without being defined. While that can be difficult with social media, Mendes is happy knowing where she is in her life and isn’t letting negative comments affect her.

As she is most commonly known as Veronica Lodge in Riverdale, Mendes also starred in Netflix most recent film, The Perfect Date, as the rich, popular girl named Shelby who catches the eye of  Noah Centineo’s Brooks Rattigan. While both these characters are self-assured, suave and outspoken like Mendes, what they don’t have in common are their approach to style.

Mendes stated, “Maybe this is bad to say for a fashion magazine, but I never really cared much about the labels of designer clothing. I really care more about style.” Though she did not tell Teen Vogue which designer she’ll be dressed by for the Met Gala’s, she did tell them that through her roles she’s was able to gain a new appreciation for fashion. This also includes not pressuring herself into an intense body cleanse just to look beautiful on the red carpet.

Wai Lin Tse/ Teen Vogue, VIVETTA dress with Swarovski embroideries; Prada hairband.

“I’ve kind of learned to let it go when it comes to whatever expectations there might be for my body,” stated Mendes. The actress laid-back attitude can also be seen in Teen Vogue cover video where 543 fans responded to a survey about her. The survey questions consisted of: her fans age, which actress her fans think she looks similar to, whether she believes if the chicken or egg came first, how old Mendes was when she had her first kiss, what color she believes looks best on her, what color she thinks her fans believe look best on her, who she would have dinner with whether they were dead or alive, which Riverdale cast member Mendes would sacrifice first in a zombie apocalypse and what famous person she would add to the Riverdale cast.

“I would choose Nicole Kidman,” Mendes said. “I loved her in Big Little Lies and I think a character like hers in Big Little Lies could fit into Riverdale.” Check out the video below to see her other responses to the fan survey.

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