Official Selena Quintanilla Merch Is Here

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Now we’ll have much more to honor the iconic singer by. 

Selena Quintanilla was a true icon in the musical world. She continues to be someone so revered that everyone wants some kind of merchandise to remember her by. So much so that Forever 21 and multiple other brands had launched their own mini collections. Now, Selena’s family just launched official Selena merch and we want every single item.

The collection includes tee shirts, zip-ups, and hoodies for women, men, and children. Each piece has a photo of the gorgeous singer and includes her name in the signature font.


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Everything is retro, from the colors to the photographs to the simplicity of the layouts. All of the clothing pieces are super stylish and we know that Selena would definitely approve. We are currently ordering every single thing from the website. We can’t wait to rock our hoodies while listening to “Como La Flor” for the billionth time.

If you also want to shop the collection, you can visit the official website.