You Have to Listen to This P!nk and Chris Stapleton Duet

Timothy Kuratek/CBS

Our favorite pop powerhouse, P!nk, went with a much more country sound for the love ballad “Love Me Anyway.”

With her eighth studio album, Hurts 2B Human, P!nk has definitely crafted a hit. She has released some incredible collaborations and delved into new genres with this latest collection. One of the standout songs on the album was definitely “Love Me Anyway.”

In this duet, P!nk and Chris Stapleton team up to create some beautiful harmonies. The song is gorgeous and vulnerable and is a great example of how versatile P!nk’s voice is. We don’t hear her take on country often, but it was a lovely surprise.

Make sure you listen to “Love Me Anyway” and the rest of Hurst 2B Human, which is out now. And go see P!nk on the Beautiful Trauma Tour if you get the chance.