In His New Film ‘Gemini Man,’ Will Smith Takes on… Himself?


We get to see more than one Will Smith in the newest action film from Ang Lee, Gemini Man.

In his newest film, Will Smith stars as an assassin who ends up being the target of his old handlers. He soon finds that not only have they sent someone to kill him, but they sent him to kill him. In short, they made a clone of him when he was twenty-five, and that is who is coming after him. I suppose there is really only room for one Will Smith in the world.

Using incredible technology, this film is able to take us back to when Will Smith was still in his twenties. Seeing the contrast between him in his youth and him now is astonishing. It is truly amazing what we are able to do with visual effects in film today. It looks like Ang Lee really has a success on his hands with this movie. It is going to be fun, thrilling and action-packed!

Gemini Man will hit theatres this October, so make sure you keep an eye out and don’t miss a moment of the action!