Check out TWICE’s New ‘FANCY’ Music Video


K-pop girl group, TWICE, returned with a new mature comeback song titled, “Fancy.”

The electro-pop track is filled with bright retro-inspired sound as the song is bold compared to the usual upbeat songs they’ve previously released. While the performance itself has a sultry tone, the girls make sure to keep their signature pop energy during the chorus.

As the song is the groups first Korean single of 2019 and the title track to their seventh album, Fancy You, the visuals introduced the members in a vibrant setting with vivid backdrops as they switch between bold dark colors and bright outfits. The picture itself is futuristic and has opened new doors as TWICE begin their journey into a new music style. TWICE’s new album will also feature “Girls Like Us,” co-written by MNEK and Charlie XCX with lyrics penned by TWICE’s Jihyo. However, she isn’t the only member writing new songs. Momo, Sana and Chaeyoung were also credited on the album as co-lyricists. TWICE’s upcoming Fancy You world tour will bring them to America this summer as it follows their most recent Japanese dome tour. Until then, check out TWICE’s new “Fancy,” music video below.


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