Did You Catch BTS On CBS Sunday Morning Show?


CBS Seth Doane sat down with BTS for a quick interview during their Sunday Morning show. The world most sensational K-pop group, BTS made a stop at CBS Sunday Morning for a quick interview. As most do, the network did a quick brief on the boy’s background while highlighting some of BTS most notable successes such as their record number on Billboards Top list and acknowledge as one of TIME most influential people. CBS noted that America hasn’t seen a wave this big for boy bands since Backstreet Boys and NYSYNC in the ’90s. During the interview, Doane first asked Rapmon how he learned English as he is the most fluent in the group.

“I love Hip-Hop. I love pop music, and Friends. My mom bought me the full series and I watched it several times,” said Rapmon. “I just wanted to speak, listen, and understand the musicians in America.”  He then thanks his mother for buying him the series.

The interview also highlighted BTS moment at the 2019 Grammy Awards as the first Korean Pop Band to present after their fans, ARMY, launched a social media campaign. The boys were then asked what it would take to return to next year Grammy’s to which Rapmon responded, “We have to practice the same choreography, again and again. We have to keep our promise.”

CBS Sunday Morning as then given access to Big Hit Entertainment dance studio for a behind-the-scenes look at BTS rehearsal. During a break away from practice, the boys showed Doane their private studios where they’re able to relax, conduct, and write.

You can listen to BTS Map Of The Soul: Persona on Spotify.