Adidas Announces New Cool + Recyclable ‘Futurecraft Loop’ Shoe


It’s truly the shoe of the future. 

The fashion industry, from clothes to shoes, is the second most polluting industry. Because trends fade so quickly, we buy and throw away clothes, shoes, and accessories way too often. Shoes, specifically, are one of the hardest things to recycle because many are made with plastics and chemicals or wear down so that no one else can use them afterward. Adidas has decided to change that. The company recently announced that it will be launching the Futurecraft Loop shoes, which are designed to be completely recyclable.

The shoes are “made from 100% reusable TPU”. Adidas wants to take responsibility as a corporation and have customers return their shoes once they are no longer useful so that they can be regenerated. It is truly the shoe “made to be remade”. If the innovation of the shoes wasn’t enough, Futurecraft Loop has partnered with none other than Willow Smith, whose style and edge we always admire. Willow is advocating for others to use the shoe as a way to give back to our earth since it will help decrease our plastic waste.

The shoes themselves are so cool and we definitely want a pair. However, as of now, they have only been given to 200 influencers to test them out in order to make sure the quality of the shoe is top-notch. The actual shoes are set to officially launch in 2021 and we cannot wait. To learn more about the shoe, you can visit the Adidas website.