Meet the Artist Behind Billie Eilish ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’ Music Video


The creator of Billie Eilish fascinating animated music video, Takashi Murakami, shared photos of his ideas and works on how the anime characters were created. The “Bury A Friend” singer released the animated music video for “You Should See Me In A Crown,” from her debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO back in March, but the artist behind it is just now sharing details. Murakami, a Japanese contemporary artist posted photos on social media of his original spider drawings for Eilish. When the anime project launched last year in August, Murakami made a rough sketch based on what Eilish told him.

He then asked his animation studio chief animator to help create the spider design. The image went from a rough sketch to a full blown detailed, monstrous creature that captures the eyes.

It was also the chief animator that helped developed Eilish anime character prior to her transforming into a spider.


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And for the final touches, Murakami asked a design expert, HEDZ, to help finalize the spider resulting in a full-blown layered animated spider.

You can see Murakami art in motion by checking out Billie Eilish “You Should See Me In A Crown” official music video below.


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