Jenna Fischer Shares Behind-The-Scenes Vlog “Booze Cruise” Episode of ‘The Office’


Fischer gave us all the feels when she posted a throwback video of her & her Office castmates as they were filming the fan-favorite episode.

Widely considered one of the best of the series, “Booze Cruise” is the episode of The Office where Michael Scott takes his Dunder Mifflin employees on a motivational harbor cruise. Things get way out of control as Jim (portrayed by John Krasinski) finally confesses his love for Pam (Jenna Fischer) to Michael (Steve Carell) the same night she and Roy finally set a wedding date.

Fischer treated fans by tweeting a 2005 behind-the-scenes vlog she took while filming the episode. She introduces the Office set crew and shows off the prop engagement ring given to her by her on-screen fiance, Roy (David Denman). Fischer also documents a staring contest between Rainn Wilson and Craig Robertson all while B.J. Novak is afflicted with sea sickness from filming on an actual boat. The video is topped off with a music montage to the Hall & Oates song, “Maneater”.