The Ten Sweet Kitties You Need to Follow on Instagram


If you need a daily pick me up, these fluffy feline friends are perfect for you. Now, here is a disclaimer: all cats are good cats. There is not a cat on social media who doesn’t deserve your love and attention. However, today we are here to highlight ten especially sweet kitties that will definitely improve even the worst days. Get out your phone and open up Instagram because it’s time to follow some cats!


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Date night with me 🌹 what should we do ? 🥰😘

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  1. oscar_theteddybear – Oscar and his sister Angelle are two British Shorthairs that look so perfect to squish!
  2. smoothiethecat- Smoothie is a fluffy kitty with the prettiest eyes you ever did see!
  3. gigsykit – Gigsy is a black cat that gives you perfect Halloween vibes while being adorable.
  4. marleykatz- Marley, and Sherman are out to prove all cats are adorable in their own way.
  5. smushofficial – Smush is a very special kitty who works to give back to the animal community as much as he can!
  6. venustwofactcat- Venus has one of the most unique looks we’ve ever seen and she is totally gorgeous!
  7. waffles_the_cat – Waffles is not only the cutest Scottish Fold ever but also a Forbes Top 10 Influencer, what a fabulous feline!
  8. kinglouis_britishblue – King Louis definitely Instagram cat royalty.
  9. mister.metzi Metzi is a calico kitty who lives all the way in Holland!
  10. aby.licious- Achshav is Metzi’s brother and he is a very handsome Abyssinian

Hopefully, all of this kitty love can carry you through the transition from winter to spring!