Pyer Moss Reveals Short Film ‘Seven Mothers’ At NYC Pop-Up Shop


The brand is exploring every aspect of art with their new short film.

The short film titled Seven Mothers is a tribute film brought to us by the legendary Director X and creative director Kerby Jean-Raymond. The film represents a place in Kerby’s life as a child who lost his mother but is surrounded by women who act as remaining pieces of his mother.

Each mother teaches him something different. The seven mothers are portrayed by very influential figures such as model/activist Ebonee Davis (Academic Mother), model Riley Montana (Fashion Mother), athlete Adrienne Smith (Athletic Mother), dancer Chanou Wiltshire (Relationship Mother), Kathy Hazzard (Grandmother), Side 2 Side (Religious Mother), and Evelyn Dia (Business Mother).


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I often wonder how frequently we repress our emotions as a means of survival. Like many of us, I grew up in a situation where showing too much emotion came with consequences. For this reason, allowing my emotions to take up space always felt unsafe. Taking time to process my sadness and rage was a massive inconvenience for myself and for those around me — the stress of balancing finances left very little time to balance feelings. Rather than acknowledging my pain, I buried it under my ambition and spend more time striving for success than striving for peace (I once believed that the success would bring the peace). These days, I’m learning to reparent myself because I was never shown what it meant to honor my inner child. I’m searching for balance as I attempt to birth a new reality, while coping with the necessary death that is required when transitioning from an expired way of being. I’ve started to view death as a means of evolution and an opportunity for something new rather than the end. To me this film represents space — space that we are rarely given but are so desperately in need of. Space for grieving, space for processing, space for simply feeling. It is a visual reflection of what aches inside all of us; it asks us to take a moment and acknowledge the emotional repercussions of our experiences rather than running away. I believe that this type of vulnerability has the power to make us invincible, I believe that telling our stories has the power to set us free and I believe that creating conversation has the power to heal us all. I’m infinitely grateful for the community that came together to contribute to this project. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done and I couldn’t think of a better way to begin my journey as an actor than with a message like this. (Link to full film in bio) 🕊

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Seven Mothers is also an appreciation film showing love to the women within the black community that assist in the growth and development of children by acting as seven mothers.


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Reebok by Pyer Moss Collection 2 — Available April 12th-14th at our NYC Pop-Up, and at retailers globally.

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Within the film you will see various pieces of the Pyer Moss Collection 2, which includes very airy, angelic pieces and pieces that have literal artwork printed onto the fabric as a part of a collaboration with Reebok. The film debuted at the Pyer Moss Pop-Up Shop in New York City within the weekend of April 12th and 14th. Seven Mothers can be viewed on the Pyer Moss website and also on YouTube.