Bebe Rexha Opens Up About Her Bipolarity


We appreciate her realness on such a sensitive topic. 

Bebe Rexha is a pop queen with hits like “I Got You” and “I’m a Mess”. As a mainstream singer, she constantly has a lot of attention to her. It can be hard to talk about real things, things that are not widely accepted or talked about by the mass media. However, that did not stop Bebe from being completely honest and open about her recent bipolarity diagnosis. She took to Twitter and Instagram to share that she’s “not ashamed anymore” and that in the next album she will not be “holding anything back”. She also shared her desire for others to not feel sorry for her but rather just accept her as she is.


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Honesty is a form of self love ❤️

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We know it must have taken Bebe so much courage to post about something so personal. That’s why it made us so happy when she got so much love from other celebrities, including Demi Lovato, who also struggles with bipolarity and who stated in the comments “I’m so proud of you girly. Always here for you”. Mental health is something that is often neglected, especially in the media, so seeing a famous singer like Bebe stand tall and proud as she lets the world know that she is bipolar, is a big step towards awareness, acceptance, and understanding. We want Bebe to know that we stand with her and accept her for who she is. We hope that more singers and actors will follow her lead in raising awareness and being real with their fans.