Priyanka Chopra Jonas Gives New Meaning to The Skirt Suit


She put her own twist on the classic business look. 

We all know the classic business look of the skirt suit. It is timeless and the usual standard for women working in a business setting. However, as time progresses, new spins are being placed on the look. One pioneer is Priyanka Chopra Jonas. She has always been known for her fashion sense and for looking effortlessly chic and edgy. This week, she put showed us a new spin of the skirt suit.

Priyanka opted for a Ralph and Russo “black and silver tweed tailleur [which] featured a jacket with an asymmetric off-the-shoulder collar adorned with jewelled buttons and a matching skirt”. The off the shoulder collar is the part that wowed us. It is such a cool new concept and puts a sexy yet sophisticated spin on the traditional, and often rigid, skirt suit. It could be the push needed to further change the way we see business dress. To complement the killer outfit, Priyanka opted for Sergio Rossi PVC heels, a silver Fendi purse, glittery silver Chopard hoop earrings, and edgy black sunglasses.


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Priyanka wore this stunning and innovative outfit to speak at the 2019 Women in the World Summit. At the summit, Priyanka discussed her successful career, her relationship with Nick Jonas, and how modernization is helping women in India. She made it a point that children are the future and that we live in a world where “ideas are the currency of the present” so that people can make their ideas reality as long as they have the right mindset.

She also sweetly talked about how her husband supports her and shared a story from before they were married when he showed her that he valued her work ethic and would never ask her to put her work aside for him.

Priyanka is revolutionizing not only business dress but also the world. She is making the most of her opportunities and it is no wonder that she was asked to speak at the summit. We definitely want to hear more about what she has to say, not only through her innovative styling but also through her ideas and life experiences.