Brie Larson Showing Oprah the “French Tuck” Is Everything


It’s the wholesome content we deserve.

If you’ve ever watched Queer Eye then you know about Tan France’s famous “French tuck”, that half in-half out shirt look. The “French tuck” makes you seem effortless yet chic. Well, Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson certainly knows about it and has mastered it so well that even Oprah Winfrey is impressed.

In a cute Instagram video, Brie goes to greet Oprah when Oprah notices her styling and pays it a compliment. Brie then goes on to say that she had to do the “French tuck”. Oprah at first seems taken aback so Brie goes on to explain it in such a precious way by asking Oprah is she watches Queer Eye and whether she knows who Tan is. Gayle King chimes in and said “we know Tan”. It was the crossover we never knew we needed but we are so glad it happened. At the end of the video, Oprah tells Brie that she “has never seen it look [that] good” and Brie giggles as she tells the cameraman “you got that on video right”. It was such a sweet moment that we can’t stop thinking about.


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I said “French tuck” 500 times and my rosacea flared because OPRAH !!! @womenintheworld

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This is certainly a moment that we will never forget, a moment when our favorites came together to talk about one of our favorite shows. Now that we know that Brie Larson and the iconic Oprah Winfrey approve of the “French tuck”, we’ll definitely be sporting it even more than we already do. This video alone could lead to a “French tuck” revolution and we couldn’t be happier.