Amy Poehler’s ‘Wine Country’ Netflix Movie Trailer Is Here

Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

The new movie looks absolutely hilarious. 

Netflix has some great comedies in its repertoire of movies, from Set it Up to Like Father. Now, it is adding another movie, “Wine Country” to its list, which so happens to be directed by none other than comedic-genius Amy Poehler. Not only is Amy directing the movie but she is also starring in it alongside notable comedians including Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey, and Tina Fey. The film will be about friends celebrating a 50th birthday in Wine Country. Their friendships become tested and insecurities come out in a hilarious way.

The trailer gives us hilarious tidbits of the friends’ adventure together, from drunk singing to partying to alluding that all wine is the same. Every character in the movie reminds us of one of our friends. It is all too relatable, especially the craziness. The trailer alone is how we imagine our late 40s and early 50s to be, fun and epic. Just based on the trailer alone, we know this will be a rollercoaster of emotions and we can’t wait to watch.

The movie will premiere on Netflix on May 10th. Watch the full, hilarious trailer below.