Get Excited With the New Trailer for ‘The Lion King’

Walt Disney Pictures

The newly released trailer truly gave us chills. 

The Lion King is a true Disney classic. It is a movie that we never get tired of watching and whose lines we can recite in our sleep. When we found out the classic tale was being remade in a live-action version, it became one of our most anticipated movies of the year. Now, as we approach the date of the premiere, Walt Disney Studios has released another trailer and it is even better than the first teaser we got. We are not kidding when we say it gave us chills. The effects all seem more real than we expected; we felt like we were actually in the jungle with them. Not only did we get to see the graphics, but we also got to hear Chiwetel Ejifor’s Scar as well as James Earl Jones’s Mufasa. Scar’s death stare accompanied by Chiwetel’s deep and menacing tone had us embodying what we can only imagine was Simba’s fear.


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In 100 days, the king arrives. Watch the brand new trailer for #TheLionKing now.

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From the trailer, we were given a sneak peek at the elephant graveyard, the tragic stampede scene, and the iconic ending when Simba roars on top of Pride Rock. We also got a glimpse at all of the characters, including Nala, which will be played by the icon, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Unfortunately, we were not able to hear many of the songs or voices as it seems that Disney wants to keep the mystery alive. However, we did get a treat at the end of the trailer when Timon, played by Billy Eichner, and Pumbaa, played by Seth Rogen, came out singing a small part of “Hakuna Matata”. There are now only 100 days left for the premiere and we are counting them down with anticipation.

The epic movie is set to premiere in July 2019. You can watch the full trailer below.