The Addams Family is Coming Back


The cookiest family on television is returning just in time for Halloween 2019. Are you ready to #MeetTheAddams this October? Well, get ready because now it’s your chance! The classic creepy family is making their return in a new computer-animated version of their story by MGM studios.

If you don’t know who the Addams family is, you have been missing out. They were originally created by Charles Addams, a cartoonist for The New Yorker in 1938, and he continued to draw them until 1988. There was then a very popular movie adaption in 1991 and there have been more movies, TV specials, and even a Broadway musical since their debut. But it has been a long time since we got any news on our favorite family of macabre individuals.

MGM announced the newest film, simply titled The Addams Family, on April 9th with a teaser trailer. It looks to be full of the mix of family love and social abandon that the Addams are known for, and that is very exciting. The movie is also coming in with an all-star cast. They really got the best of the best for this project:

Oscar Isaac is Gomez

Charlize Theron is Morticia

Chloë Grace Moretz is Wednesday

Finn Wolfhard is Pugsley

Nick Kroll is Uncle Fester

Bette Midler is Grandmama

Allison Janney is Margaux Needler

The movie will be coming out just in time for Halloween, so make sure you plan to get your tickets!