Ryan Seacrest Took a Sick Day and No One Knew What to Do


Even Ryan Seacrest needs a break!

Seacrest hosts what seems like every TV show under the sun, and his work ethic is clear based on the sheer amount of productions of which he is a part. However, one of his longest running gigs has always been American Idol. The host for 17 years, audiences have come to love and appreciate Seacrest as one of their favorite Idol personalities. He is truly a hosting machine, having never missed a day during the entire, 17-year duration of working on American Idol.

So, his co-stars and fans alike were surprised when not Seacrest, but Bobby Bones appeared as the host on the airing of the show on Monday. Bobby explained on the show saying, “I am not Ryan Seacrest; I am Bobby Bones. Sadly, Ryan is sick, and I look most like him so they asked me to fill his shoes tonight.”

Ryan’s co-stars took to Twitter to express their shock and disbelief at his absence. Judges of the show, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, all quipped at the host with tweets about his health and their astonishment at his absence. Perry tweeted a sweet message to her peer saying, “Proof that @ryanseacrest is human after all.”

Richie also tweeted to Ryan stating the obvious that, “@ryanseacrest missing an @AmericanIdol show day is crazy!”

Bryan also decided to get in on the hype, tweeting to Ryan, “Really thought you might be a robot but glad you’re feeling better. Haha.”

American Idol has had a crazy season, and this light-hearted jesting over Seacrest’s day off further proves the camaraderie and dramatic dynamics that this season has brought. We can’t wait to see more!