Check out YouTuber Bailey Sarian’s Spooky Makeup Mondays


Beauty guru Bailey Sarian started her own series of mystery makeup tutorials by telling true crime stories while she does a makeup tutorial. As a makeup artist, Sarain has shared a variety of looks on Instagram and YouTube. She’s previously worked with ipsy and is a big fan of mystery. After being consumed by the Chris Watts Case, she began her “Murder, Mystery and Makeup Get Ready With Me” videos.  Some of her most viewed videos are the “Missing Wife Just Vanishes. Why is There No Trace Of Her?,” “The Woman Hannibal Lecter-Katherine Knight,” and “A Valentines Day Murder?” Her most recent “Murder, Mystery and Makeup” is about the story of Brenda Spencer, a 16-year-old that caused chaos and ruined multiple lives.

While Sarain has brought a unique way of “GRWM Videos,” she’s also known for her makeup inspired looks. Her most recent being her “Classic Hollywood Inspired Makeup,” where she recreates Hedy Lamarr famous vintage halo star image.

You can find Sarain via Twitter and Instagram.