Billy Ray Cyrus Hops on the Remix for Lil Nas X’s Crossover Hit ‘Old Town Road’


After viral support for the country-inspired rap song that got removed from the Billboard country charts, Billy Ray Cyrus adds his own southern charm.

What seemed to be the most random collaboration of 2019 may just end up being the best one. Billy Ray Cyrus joined the remix for Lil Nas X’s social media-powered song ‘Old Town Road’. The country/rap crossover song became popular earlier this year on the app TikTok before deputing onto the Billboard Hot 100 four weeks ago. The track was originally labeled “country” on the SoundCloud, however, it was removed from the Billboard country charts last week because “it does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music.” This caused viral support of the song and backlash against Billboard.

Billy Ray Cyrus took to Twitter to explain his decision to collaborate on the track and why he believes it is indeed a country song.


The song has since blown up even more after Billy Ray dropped a hot verse which impressed country and rap fans alike.


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