Maisie Williams Just Spilled a ‘Game of Thrones’ Secret

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Does Arya die in the last season of Game of Thrones?

Fans of the show were shocked when Maisie Williams let this tidbit slip in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. Williams was discussing her character Arya Stark’s most iconic moments on GOT, and seemed to get a little carried away as she revealed to the audience that Stark dies in Episode 2 of the upcoming finale season. As Jimmy pressed her for any spoilers for the upcoming show, Maise was initially keen to “keep a tight lip” as the show-runners at HBO had been reminding the cast to keep the details on the down-low. However, as she got started detailing the emotional last days of filming with the cast, the shocking secret slipped out.

Williams was clearly shook as she quickly realized her mistake, with her panic throwing the audience and Fallon into a small frenzy. Fallon tried to restart the show, promising to edit her flub out, but Williams was too agitated, and quickly ran offstage. A concerned Fallon followed, and they were backstage for a moment before they both came back out smiling and announcing it as an April Fools prank. The two laughed as the audience realized the joke and fell into a fit of laughter at Maisie’s highly convincing acting skills.

Fallon tweeted the following, touting his incredible prank to unsuspecting watchers. The joke soon went viral as Game of Throne fans everywhere freaked out.

The very planned, and still highly convincing, sketch only heightened the anticipation for what it to come in this last season. Check out the clip below.