See Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan Reunite to Sing a Lullaby


The former Disney duo teamed up to sing Kiely William’s baby girl a lullaby cover of “Cheetah Sisters” on Facetime. 

First, the Jonas Brothers got back together. Then, Miley started wearing her Hannah Montana wig again. Now the Cheetah Girls have treated us to a super adorable reunion. Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams sang a lullaby version of the Cheetah Girls theme song, “Cheetah Sisters” over Facetime in order to coo Kiely Williams newborn baby Rowan to sleep. After 16 years, two marriages, and a few children, it’s touching to see that the two are still Cheetah Sisters. With all these revivals and reboots going on, maybe we’ll see a full Cheetah Girls reunion in the future.

Kiely Williams also posted a video of her singing a softer version of the Cheetah Girls fan favorite feminist anthem “Cinderella” while breastfeeding Rowan.

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Lullabies ❤️

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