Orphan Riot: The Young Punks of North Carolina


Known as the “explosive young punk band Burlington, North Carolina”, Orphan Riot is knocking down barriers for young teenagers in the music industry.

Fast. Fierce. Relentless. These three young punkers may still be in school, but that hasn’t slowed their roll of 23 shows in the last 6 months! The summer of 2017 gave birth to this up-and-coming punk-rooted band, however, upon the first listen you may think that you’re sitting back in the early 90’s hearing waves of notes reminiscent of early Green Day. Orphan Riot consists of 14-year-old Noel Greene (Lead Guitar and Vocalist), 15-year-old- Ian Horlebogen (Bass), and 20-year-old Landon Johnson (Drums).

Regardless of their young age and inability to book shows at venues that only allow 21+, these teens have a non-stop “seek-and-find” mentality to finding an audience. Orphan Riot is also one of the bands apart of the new record label 85splitrecords based out of the Raleigh-Durham area. 85splitrecords is known as a D.I.Y. label for North Carolinian young bands and has a killer line-up of signed talent full of motivation and heart for their art.

Check out Orphan Riot’s newest EP “My Own Worst Enemy” that dropped on March 30 on across all music platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora!