Kaley Cuoco Has an Unbelievable Surprise for Her Fans

Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Calling all “Big Bang Theory” Fans: Kaley Cuoco has a surprise for you!

It’s official, we’ve found one of our new favorite Instagram hashtags that you have got to check out! #kaleyspolaroids

It’s no secret that Kaley Cuoco loves to document her life in pictures. Her Instagram is littered with thousands of fan favorite photos of her personal and professional lives. However, for the first time ever she is releasing a collection of Polaroids from the set of “The Big Bang Theory” that she has taken through the 12th season’s run of the comedy show.


Cuoco told Gibson John’s of AOL recently that she has taken over 2,000 Polaroids since the beginning of “Big Bang” in 2006!

Kaley was prompted with the idea of a book filled with her photos then, but she recently stated when speaking about a publication of her photographs: “You know what? That is what I’m going to do. I’ll wait about another year or two, but that’s the goal with the Polaroids. I think fans will love it. Maybe a cool coffee table book? I have pictures that are unbelievable, like behind-the-scenes from the pilot that are just incredible.”

Fun Polaroids such as these can be found on Cuoco’s Instagram and using her tag #kaleyspolaroids:

After a 12-season laughing fest on CBS, these Polaroids are sure to evoke all of the memories made between Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, Howard, Penny, Bernadette, Amy, and the various guest stars apart of “The Big Bang Theory”. Through the remaining seasons, all of the actors and actresses are dedicated to emerging themselves in every last second on set before the series finale in May.

“We definitely been more aware of our surroundings and keeping every moment in,” Kaley recently stated. “I still can’t believe the impact that the show has had on so many different people all over the world. It’s been an unbelievable experience, and I think it will be devastating to wrap it all up, but it’s also nice to kind of move forward.”

We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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